Start (or Finish!) Your Novel 1-1 Mentorship Program

Go from sparkling idea to solid book plan so you can write your novel with confidence.

Or complete your growing story all the way to The End.

Customized support and training for science fiction and fantasy writers who have tried everything else and need an organic, customized approach to start, write, and finish their first draft.

Because there is power in taking action and in starting, continuing, and finishing.

Receive creativity coaching with an experienced novelist, teacher, and coach.

Your dream can become your reality. Start today.

Based on Plan Your Novel Like A Pro: And Have Fun Doing It by Beth Barany and Ezra Barany


“I had wanted for some time to complete NaNoWriMo and found it a daunting task. Then I took the [Plan Your Novel] 30-Day Writing Challenge from the Barany School of Fiction.

This comprehensive set of classes and group coaching gave me the tools I needed to make it not only to the 50K November goal but far beyond and my story continued."

Hugh Tipping - Author

♥ Start (or Finish) Your Book 

Most beginning writers can plan a novel in 4-6 weeks, so this Start Your Novel 1-1 Mentorship program is here to help you do that.

Or, if you have been stuck drafting notes and ideas and want to write your first draft, this program is here to support you in that process with a trusted and experienced coach and guide who can hold your hand every step of the way.

It's challenging to generalize how long it will take you to write a complete first draft. For some, it's 3-6 months. For others, it could take 1 year or longer.

Or if you need crucial support in finishing your manuscript in the next 3-6 months, you can use this program to create a safe container, where you can brainstorm and find solutions and write all the way to The End. 

But it may take longer to get to your goal. I get that, totally. We respect the creative process here. 

And that's why we can schedule the calls to work at your pace.

Based on teaching and coaching 100s of students, the work starts where you are. I base the brainstorming process on your strengths and interests.

And build from there, helping you fill in the story telling gaps and help you get in synch and trust with your creative process.

As a working novelist myself, I know intimately every step of the novel creating process.

While each writer is unique, in my over 25 years of experience being a writer and working with writers, I can spot the patterns, blind spots, and also the story's potential.

I invite you to work with me to step into your dream of being a working writer.

With knowledge and experience comes power.

That is why I support you with the Plan Your Novel course, reading and commenting on pages and story notes as needed, and connect with you in live, in-depth coaching sessions.

The program includes:

  • Orientation Assessment and 30-minute Zoom Orientation so we can tailor the program to you.
  • 5 sessions of 60-90 minutes by Zoom or phone for accountability and discerning guidance to guide the story planning process; meetings are scheduled at a mutually-convenient time*. We can record the meetings and you can get a summary and transcript, too.
  • Receive a review of story notes ahead of each call, up to 20 pages (notes or prose).
  • The home study course based on Plan Your Novel Like A Pro.
  • Access to Fellowship of the Pen, our student-wide community resources: writing sprints and other resource group calls. 
  • Email support in between meetings to support your creative process.

For additional editorial support or done-for-you marketing services, ask about our add-on project rates.

* Business hours are Monday through Friday, 10am - 5pm Pacific time.

To Plan Your Novel...

Together I'll guide you through all the steps to go from precious idea that's stayed with you forever.

You're ready?! Yes! Then, now is the time to get to work!

To start your novel, we divide our focus in 6 modules, which can be organized to suit your needs.

Creative Process and Writing Habits

We'll focus on how you work best and how to stay in the flow. 

We'll get clear on your patterns of judgement and circles of support.

Scene-By-Scene Outline And Plotting

I'll guide you through the final preparation step of building your story scene-by-scene and help you create an organic outline from all the notes and thinking that have gone before and also provide tips on a more linear approach to plotting your story.

Expand the Story Seed

You'll write a one-to-two paragraph story blurb, also known as the elevator pitch. Expanding on that, we guide you to draft a five to six paragraph story synopsis.

Get Started with the Writing

We'll work together to set up your plan of action for writing your novel and gather the support and accountability you need to go from Page 1 to The End.

You got this!

Get To Know Your Characters

You'll get to know your main and secondary characters, so you can bring them to life when you write your novel.

You'll have a questionnaire and other specialized exercises to help get into character.

Story Plot Points & World Building

You'll brainstorm these three elements: your character’s fears to develop your story's important events, world building, your story’s basic and essential building blocks.

Support to Finish Your Novel

When you're stuck or stalled. So that you can get back to writing your novel, here are some of the key ingredients I bring to this important phase of the process.

Character development 

Deepen your characters' change arc by visiting or re-visiting their core characteristics and the characters' relationships with each other.

Story world

Connect to the complexity of the lived story world and bring out pivotal elements that make the difference to the characters' challenges.

writing process

Refine and re-connect with what works in your creative process and uncover ways to nurture and strengthen your writing practice, so that you can write to The End.

Two (2) Ways To Pay

So that you have options...

If you'd like join the Start Your Novel 1-1 Mentorship Program, then choose one of the payment options below.

Still. Have Questions? Contact Beth to have a no-obligation exploratory call.

#1: Payment Option
Start Your Novel 1-1 Mentorship Program

Full-Pay for $2,000

#1: Payment Option
Start Your Novel 1-1 Mentorship Program

Pay in 5 monthly installments of $400.00

“I can’t tell you how much your coaching and friendship has meant to me. I would never have gotten as far as I have without both of you. My only real regret is I didn’t know about your [program] earlier. Your lessons and instructions are the cornerstone of my new writing career.”

KERI KRUSPE- Author of Otherworldly Romantic Adventures


You need something different, like editing or how to find your readers and launch your science fiction or fantasy novel?

Then contact me to talk about customizing this program to your needs.

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