Hello, Fiction Writer!

Flourish in Your Creative Writing Life to Enthrall Your Readers.

I teach science fiction and fantasy writers how to write, revise, publish, and market their novels to enchant and thrill their readers...

into new, exciting, amazing worlds...

I coach creative writers to create their creative careers on their own terms in a way that respects what was as you create what can be.

I also offer customized hands-on workshops to future-facing, bold organizations who want members to think outside the box and take action.

And change the world for the benefit of all.

Implementing our creativity is the answer.

Who am I? An Award-winning Novelist, Book Coach, Podcaster, Workshop Leader & Keynote Speaker

Hi! I'm Beth Barany

As an award-winning novelist, master neurolinguistic programming practitioner, and certified creativity coach for writers, I revel in the world of curiosity and exploration.

Through my courses, programs, workshops and consultations, I support both fiction writers and creative entrepreneurs to experience clarity and feel confident as they develop their unique visions and bring them out into the world.

Through courses and books, along with direct, one-on-one coaching and consulting, I give hands-on information that can be implemented right away. 

Ways I Work As A Fiction Writing Expert

I provide support in three distinct ways to best support your processes and outcomes.


for ASPIRING authors

Work with a writing coach expert who can provide support and guidance as you craft and edit your novel.


For published authors & Creative Entrepreneurs

Sessions for authors and entrepreneurs seeking to build a sustainable success.


for partners

Discover ways to collaborate with writing teacher, coach, and novelist consultant, Beth Barany.

What People Are Saying About Beth Barany

“By the end of the course I had written a full chapter, something I hadn’t anticipated. It was a great feeling and mission accomplished, achieved by the excellent tutoring of Beth Barany, her friendliness and writing knowledge … I would highly recommend attending any of her future classes.”

Jean Taylor, Ithra workshop participant

“Your 21 Senses breakout session was such a highlight of my weekend. Thank you so much for presenting at the 2019 San Francisco Writers Conference. I can’t wait to learn more from you as I apply the 21 senses material to my characters.”

Jennifer Gerhart