How I work with authors

Many novelists come to me because they've stalled in writing their novel.

Perhaps you're at the beginning of your book, 10 pages in, and just don't know where to go next.

Maybe you've rewritten your book several times using NaNoWriMo, but nothing holds together, the drafts are disjointed, and the story doesn't seem to work. And you don't know why.

Perhaps you've written and self-published your books, but can't stand to think about marketing, let alone create a marketing plan, and you wish book marketing didn't feel so yucky and painful.

Or, you've been working on your novel by yourself and are not sure if your book is any good at all and wonder if all the time you put into your book was worth it.

Beth Barany, creativity coach for writers, specializing in helping genre novelists

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Why I do this work

I'm a coach specifically for novelists because I am passionate about helping authors overcome their blocks, so that you can bring your gifts into the world. You are not alone. Together we are strong.

I am a novelist with 5 published novels or novellas in 2 genres (and 3 published nonfiction books.)

But it took me 5 years to write my first novel, a manuscript that shall forever remain lovingly packed away in my closet. I have 2 other as-yet unpublishable novels languishing in my hard drive, and I have a good dozen other ideas bubbling and simmering on various back burners.

Who I work with

I work with novelists who write romance, thriller, suspense, science fiction, fantasy, suspense, mystery, or a combination of these.

I work with genre novelists one-on-one and in groups to help them write, publish, and market their books.

I love working with authors who really want to dedicate themselves to writing fiction, finishing their books, and publishing them.

Ultimately, they'd like to create a career from writing fiction, but recognize they need support and that writing fiction is a long haul game.

About the Discovery Sessions

I set up my complimentary Discovery Sessions to help us get to know each other better.

In my Discovery Sessions, I ask you a lot of questions and put the spotlight on you.

Next Steps

  1. Set up a Discovery Session with me to see which of my programs and services are right for you.
  2. If you're eager to get started on uncovering clarity on your goals, vision, and blocks, take my Writer's Motivation Mini-Course here. Yep, it's free. And short!

Coaching Packages

Once we have our Discovery Session to uncover exactly what you need, your big vision, and also where you're stuck, we can focus on making forward movement during our coaching sessions.

Because we're writers with a life -- day jobs, family, pets, and oh yay, sleep -- my coaching packages are designed with that in mind.

Because many of us learn best in community, my coaching packages come with group support, learning, and accountability.

Example of a Coaching Package:

  • I work with authors for a 12-month minimum.
  • For one of the coaching packages, we have 2 coaching calls a month, and calls are 60 minutes long, all set up to be convenient to our schedules. Calls can be recorded, if you'd like.
  • I read your pages, or edit, up to 20 manuscript-format pages per call.
  • I request once-a-month regular payments at the start of each month via Paypal. For more information about the program, go here.

Ready to discuss the details with me? Click here to schedule your complimentary Discovery Session here.

On Editing

Some of you may be ready for another pair of eyes on your book in terms of feedback. I prefer to edit authors that I'm also coaching.

I've edited dozens of novels over the years, including fantasy, steampunk, thriller, erotica, romance, mystery, young adult and middle grade novels and novellas. I write YA fantasy and paranormal romance.

I'm best at giving you developmental edits, that is feedback and actually changes -- if you want them -- to craft, story, plot, and character development.

I tailor my feedback to your needs and goals, and can answer such questions as:

Are your characters compelling and interesting and do they have a strong goal and reason for that goal?

Is the conflict in your story strong, interesting and appropriate for your genre?

Does your story match the reader expectations of your genre? Do you know your genre inside and out?

Are you using active verbs and specific nouns?

Is your writing visceral?

Is your point of view character interesting and strong? Are you conveying point of view in a way that will be interesting to your readers?

Does your story flow from scene to scene? Do you have breathing moments within the story?

And more!

Everyone will have specific things they need to strengthen in their writing. I can look at your writing and let you know where you're strong and what you need to strengthen to write a compelling and hard-to-put down novel -- a page-turner!


Story Revising and Editing
I charge a flat rate of $75 per hour and edit, on average, six-ten (6-10) pages an hour. Contact me for an estimate.

Manuscript Review
I can read your whole manuscript and give you notes on its strength and weaknesses and readiness for publication. For this service I charge based on length and estimated time to read and draft notes. I charge a flat rate of $75 per hour. On average, I can read 15-20 pages an hour. Since every project is different, contact me for an estimate.

Not sure what kind

of support you need?

Talk to Beth!

Then schedule a complimentary 60-minute Discovery session with me ($225 value) here.

After you book an appointment, I'll send you a short questionnaire for you to fill out and return to me before our conversation.

Deep dive sessions...

Do you want to be writing your novel, but just aren't -- even though half a manuscript sits on your computer or in your closet?

And that is so painful.

Do you feel that what's in your way of writing or marketing has nothing to do with either, and you'd like to make some changes, but have no idea where to begin?

And that hurts.

If so, then check out the Coming Back Home to Yourself sessions for Authors here.