Coming Back Home to Yourself
Sessions for Authors desiring to build a Successful and Sustainable Career

Dear Novelist,

Is this you?

  • You love writing, but you feel stuck in the process. That's frustrating. You want to call it writer's block, but that doesn't feel good.

  • You want the writing process to feel easier and would like to bring more ease to your creative process.

  • You feel that what's in your way of writing has nothing to do with writing and you'd like to make some changes, but have no idea where to begin.

  • You know the pain of never being able to find your "home" within your creative work, but you so desire to find your way home again.

If you said YES to any of the above statements, then you are ready for a Coming Back Home to Yourself Session. Great! Keep reading!

In our session, I use NLP and other change-work and healing modalities to help you reconnect with your intrinsic creative mojo, so you can circle back to yourself with peace, ease, and joy.

In a Coming Back Home to Yourself session, we spend 1.5 to 2 hours together, usually over Skype, where we get entirely curious about how things are, so we can create the change you'd like.

What is NLP?

NLP stands for neuro-linguistic programming. It's a way to help you have what you want without having to "work" to be different than who you are. I've been trained in heart-based transformational NLP that is gentle, respectful, and above all, useful.


I tell my writers -- and myself -- that it all counts.

All of our life experiences feed into our art and our art enriches our life.

I do this work of helping authors because I KNOW that we have gifts in our stories that readers NEED to hear.

In the hearing is healing.

In stories is healing.

Our job as novelists is to write stories that allow readers to come back home to themselves.

"Travel into a novel to come back home to you." -- Beth Barany



image of Beth Barany, creativity coach for writers

I've been helping writers for years, even before I had any formal training. I've always been fascinated by how to put a compelling story together.

But before I could manage that, I spent 12 years day dreaming about being a novelist before I actually started my first novel. Instead, I started in journalism. That I could manage.

At a turning point in my life -- I'd just been rejected from journalism school, I realized that I needed to take action, any action, to get writing novels. Writing novels, not journalism, was what I really wanted to do. Getting rejected from journalism school helped me consciously face my true writing desire.

Any action toward writing was better than staying in that day-dreaming state.

I didn't know yet about NLP, but I'd studied at the Berkeley Psychic Institute in their Clairvoyant program, so at that point I knew enough about myself to face the truth of what I really wanted.

And what I really wanted was to write novels.

So in 1998, I took action and joined a fiction writing group and got started on my first novel. That felt so good, even though the process seemed to take so long.

Fast forward to 2006. I'd written 2 novels and had started my third and I started my business helping writers and saw many more authors with issues and concerns outside of my own.

Some writers were new to the commitment of writing and were doubting their right to be creative. Some really wanted to be writing novels, but didn't feel capable. Others lacked so much confidence in their writing, they wanted to quit, but the thought of quitting caused them distress. What they all had in common was that they weren't happy writers. They were frustrated and in pain about their love of writing.

I wanted to help them to return to the thing they loved: writing their novels. But I felt that my training as a creativity coach -- while super useful -- wasn't helping me get to the heart of things.

When I discovered NLP, I experienced how it helped me understand others better and myself, and help effect change in a loving gentle way, I was super excited. I had to learn how to help people with this modality.

NLP helps me understand where you're coming from and how you create change; it helps me step onto your map of the world and work from there.

In March 2012, I was certified as a Master NLP Practitioner at NLP Marin, and have spent the last few years gently integrating NLP into my practice as a creativity coach for writers.

Now I'm ready to share this wonderful way of helping people with you.



NLP can help you have the life you'd like, in ways that are gentle and respectful of all the parts of you. Benefits include:

  • Become more emotionally available to do the work you desire.

  • Come back home to yourself and your Source.

  • Be more of who you want to be in your whole life.

  • Ignite your core motivation for writing.

  • Rediscover ease at coming to the page.

  • Become more focused and productive with your writing.

  • Let go of mental blocks and beliefs that keep you from expressing and publishing your ideas.

  • Find your voice.

>What others have said about working with me

"Beth Barany is a pleasure to work with: skilled, calm, and supportive. In my NLP session with her, we addressed my part in relationships in general. Beth helped me uncover a couple of key issues. Shortly after that, I heard about a weekend course on relationships and I attended it. I believe my work with Beth helped me be emotionally available to attend that valuable course." -- Camille DeSalme, professional copyediting and proofreading,, Texas, United States



For our NLP session, we spend 2-hours together, usually over Skype. We schedule this to our mutual convenience.

Follow up: I'll also send you an email check-in 2-3 days after our session, so that you can ask questions, request clarifications, and check in about any follow up you may need. The work we do together has ripple effects into your life. We'll make space for and acknowledge that.


Sessions are $295.


You may want to invest in big changes, and fast. Then sign up for a package of 3 sessions: $815.


You may want to invest in even bigger changes. Then sign up for a package of 6 sessions: $1,675.


"I don’t think you can be proactive unless you truly understand what motivates you, and that’s just one of the things Beth helped me to do. She also gave me insights into the way I work, plus the confidence and support I needed to do the book my way—and stick with it too."
-- Artist and Author, Susan Williamson, in Toronto, Canada


If you're ready to book your appointment, there are 2 steps to take:

1. Pay for your session here. Once we receive payment we'll send you the link to book your session.

2. Then, I'll send you the link to schedule your appointment. I have openings every week. Once you visit the scheduler, if you don't see an availability that works for you, we'll find a time.


>What if I want lots of change, and fast?

Then maybe my offer for a package might fit you better than a single session, and save you money. Check out the options above.


>What is NLP?

As mentioned above, NLP stands for neuro-linguistic programming. It developed as a way to help people make change in their lives.

>Who is NLP for?

NLP can help anyone.

I specialize in helping writers desiring to build a successful and sustainable career because I understand you. I am one of you!

>How does it work?

NLP works by helping to gently, respectfully, and appropriately re-wire your brain. It's gentle. You don't have to "do" anything except show up and breathe. We talk and explore and get entirely curious about what you want.

>Why sign up?

If you're looking for a way to create change, and perhaps other things haven't "worked," or you're ready for a new approach to creating change, then an NLP session may be right for you.

>What if I'm not an author or a creative? Can you still help me?

If you'd like my help, and what I've shared here resonates with you, then absolutely, I'd be happy to help you.

>What is your refund policy?

Because this is deep change work, and takes the time it takes, I don't offer refunds.

>What is your cancellation policy?

If you need to reschedule, I request 48 hours notice by email or phone.


Sessions are 2 hours long and take place over Skype. Although we can alternatively use the phone, I prefer Skype, so I can see you and you can see me.

Sessions are $295. I accept payment via credit card and PayPal.

PREMIUMS: Since some of you have asked, I also have a 3-session price: $815. And a 6-session price: $1,675. Click here to sign up for one of these.

"I feel like I am really making progress with your help. My fear is lessening, my self-esteem is improving, my belief in myself has a strong hold, and I am doing it!!! Art, that is.”
--Visual Artist, Cathy H., in Gambrills, Maryland

Not sure if this service

is right for you?

Talk to Beth!

Schedule a complimentary 60-minute Discovery session with me ($150 value) here.

After you book an appointment, I'll send you a short questionnaire for you to fill out and return to me before our conversation.

I wish for you all the joy, all the fun, and all the freedom you desire to create the life you want.

All my best, Beth


Sessions are $295.


You may want to invest in big changes, and fast. Then sign up for a package of 3 sessions. Special! For a limited time only: $815.


You may want to invest in even bigger changes. Then sign up for a package of 6 sessions. Special! For a limited time only: $1,675.



If you have any questions, you can email me: Beth [at] bethbarany [DOT] com.


If you're curious to learn more about NLP and are in the San Francisco Bay Area, check out the free introductory workshops NLP Marin holds regularly. If you'd like to read more about NLP, check out the NLP Marin co-founder's articles here on


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