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Intuituion and Clarity
The Law of Attraction Starts Here!
by Beth Barany

To attract what you want in life, you must first know what you want. Know it specifically, viscerally, and in present time. These simple steps will guide you to your own intuition and clarity.

Step One: Ground
Step Two: Release
Step Three: Create in Present Time
Step Four: Fill up with your Essence

Step One: Ground
Be still with yourself and listen to your breathing. Calm the buzzing mind. Sit in a meditative pose, or take a walk. The physical shape of your meditation space matters less than your focus. Allow yourself to feel connected to the planet.

As a simple way to ground, imagine a line from the base of your spine to the center of the planet. Allow this line to be as wide as your body and allow it to be an effortless channel, open to release, a downward flow all the way to the center of the planet. The center of the planet handles all recycled energy for all of us, no problem.

Step Two: Release
As you breathe, notice the buzzing of the mind and consciously release your thoughts and feelings into the planet earth. That which does not serve your present dreams and goals is released. Notice that as you release your thoughts and emotions, different feelings arise. Just notice and allow yourself to be in a place of neutrality and no jugdement about your feelings and thoughts. They just are. Emotions flow like a river flows, constant and ever changing. By clinging to your emotions, you block the flow that helps you cear your space. Allow the flow. Clear your space.

Step Three: Create in Present Time
Now that you are grounded and your space is clear, put your attention on your deepest desire right now, in the present. The Present Time is where we really exist and where all things manifest for us. Notice what your truest wishes are and send love and attention to them.

Ask the Powers That Be to guide you in manifesting your desire. See that desire in full form: Smell, touch, taste, feel, and sound. Notice the color and shape of it. Your dream is real and with you in this moment. Ask that the desire be bathed in crystaline light, from the highest vibration possible. When it is filled with the highest vibration possible, send this vision enlosed in a golden light out into the unicevrse to manifest. Know that this or something better will enter into your life soon.

Step Four: Fill up with your Essence
Call back all your energy from all the locations you left it. Fill a golden bubble above your head with your golden, vibrant highest energy. Bring your highest energy into your body, bathing yourself from head to toe.

May you manifest effortlessly and with love!

c. 2007 Beth Barany





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