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"Working with someone you don’t know, someone who doesn’t have a preconceived notion of you are and whose goal is to help you, allows you to be yourself in a way that you can’t be with others."
--Susan Williamson, Canada

"Beth is very professional, and since she is an artist, she understands what problems creativity can create. There really hasn't been anyone who I could really talk to about the specific issues of creativity, and what it means to live creatively. Creativity coaching is definitely a niche!"
--Cathy H, in Gambrills, Maryland

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I specialize in coaching and teaching novelists and fiction writers, specifically those of you who write: romance, thriller, suspense, women's fiction, science fiction, fantasy, suspense, mystery, or a combination of these.

Specifically, I help authors in several ways:

Through our home-study courses at Barany School of Fiction

Live online trainings, courses, and webinars

A Group Coaching Program for Dedicated Novelists

Free resources and goodies at Writer's Fun Zone blog

See Beth's published books: fiction and nonfiction here.

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Things I can help you with:

Writers block
How to get started on your novel
How to finish your novel
How to get published
How set up a consistent writing schedule
small square box How to integrate your creative passions into your life

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Why Creativity Sparks?

I love the metaphor of a spark starting a fire. It's small, innocuous, yet powerful. It's the little things that start the big things.

What tiny step can you take in your writing life today toward your big dreams that is as surprising and active as a spark?


noun: something that sets off a sudden force; a latent particle capable of growth or developing

verb: to kindle, animate, or stimulate (interest, activity, spirit, your writing)


Showing up is a great percentage of success.

Nurture diligence.

Develop discipline.

Commit to your writing dreams and make them real.


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... about Beth's services, workshops, events and media availability, call her cell 510-333-7320 (Monday through Friday, excluding holidays and closed weekends).

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Beth Barany

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"So you see, imagination needs moodling - long, inefficient, happy idling, dawdling and puttering."
-- Brenda Ueland