I am a writing coach and teacher who helps fiction writers experience clarity, so that they can write and polish their novels and proudly publish them to the delight of their readers.

I've helped hundreds of writers over the last 20 years to achieve their writing dreams and I am excited to help you...

I can help you if...'re confused on how to begin your book don't know how to write regularly feel lost and overwhelmed about how to bring your creative ideas to the page...

...and more...

If this may be you, then read on...

Ready to talk to a writing coach who understands genre fiction?

I offer sessions to help you with any of the following, or any other aspect of writing, marketing, and publishing your novel:

-- you're getting started with your first novel (yah!) and don't know how to proceed

-- you're struggling with overwhelm and frustration at maintaining a writing practice

-- you have a completed manuscript but are not sure how to edit it or you want detailed feedback on it

-- you want to publish your novel but don't know how and want a guide to walk you through your options

-- you're looking for an agent or publisher and need help polishing your query and submission package and finding appropriate agents and publishers

-- you want get clear on your social media marketing and promotional needs for your novel(s) and for your author career, but don't know where to start

"Receiving coaching from Beth Barany is like catching sight of a lighthouse after being lost in the fog of your writing career for months. She has an amazing ability to identify the underlying technical or psychological issues that are tripping you up, and to bring you to a place of clarity so you can identify where you need to go next. Beth is one of those rare people who listens deeply -- she hears what you're saying and focuses on your unique situation and your personal strengths and weaknesses. Because of this, her guidance is pure gold. -- Bonnie Johnston, Urban Fantasy and Romance Author

“Beth has a way of evoking motivation and inspiration out of me, by just being, listening and encouraging in a subtle way which is perfect for me. I think she understands what I need as a writer. I find myself working harder and accomplishing much more in such a short amount of time, my story is pushing right out of me. She is one of my allies.” -- Karen Lodrick, Writer, Speaker

"In my one-on-one sessions with Beth, the vigorous review of my manuscript along with the masterful feedback has made me feel like I am in an MFA program." -- Hugh Tipping, Fantasy Writer


Sessions last 60-90 minutes, are over the phone, Skype, or Zoom, and comes with a short pages review or something similar ahead of time (15-60 pages.) We'll decide that together. I have a non-disclosure agreement available if you'd like that.


Each session is $350. If you'd like to work with me on an on-going basis, contact me to discuss your options.

I accept payment via Paypal, where you can pay via your Paypal account or directly with your bank account or credit card.


I recognize that this is a big investment in your author career. Congratulations for considering this step.

If you're not sure if one-on-one sessions or one of my other services like a home study class or the Group Coaching Program are right for you, contact me, where we can explore together what kind of support would work for you.





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