Hello Genre Novelists! Is this you?

Do you write romance, thriller, suspense, science fiction, fantasy, suspense, mystery, or a combination of these?

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30-Day Writing Challenge to Preparing Your Novel for NaNoWriMo

"Beth Barany works with genre novelists one-on-one and in groups to help them write, publish, and market their books."

I have 3 specific services I'm offering.

Choose which one is right for you...

Deep dive sessions...

Do you want to be writing your novel, but just aren't -- even though half a manuscript sits on your computer or in your closet?

And that is so painful.

Do you feel that what's in your way of writing or marketing has nothing to do with either, and you'd like to make some changes, but have no idea where to begin?

And that hurts.

If so, then check out the Coming Back Home to Yourself sessions for Authors here.

Group support and accountability to write and complete your book

Do you want the group support and accountability to get your book done in the next six to nine months?

And you also want help around writing craft, marketing, and publishing from experts that get where you're coming from?

And you're so tired from going it alone?

If this is you, or you think this might be you, then check out our Group Coaching for Genre Novelists, run by me and my husband. It takes a village! ==> We work with authors to help you gain confidence and skills. We're both working authors and teachers, and LOVE helping other authors create successful author careers.

Getting started with your writing

Or, maybe you're just getting started on your novel and you want to overcome writer's block and get started.

Then, go here to sign up for the fr*e 5-Day Writer's Motivation Mini-Course.

“Beth has a way of evoking motivation and inspiration out of me, by just being, listening and encouraging in a subtle way which is perfect for me. I think she understands what I need as a writer. I find myself working harder and accomplishing much more in such a short amount of time, my story is pushing right out of me. She is one of my allies.” -- Karen Lodrick, San Francisco, CA

Not sure which of the above options are
right for you? Talk to Beth!

Then schedule a complimentary 60-minute Discovery session with me ($225 value) here.

After you book an appointment, I'll send you a short questionnaire for you to fill out and return to me before our conversation.

Who Beth Barany primarily works with:

Beth helps genre novelists write, publish and promote their books through one-on-one coaching and consulting, presentations and keynotes, and through her books.

My Mission

I'm a writer too -- a young adult fantasy and paranormal romance author -- with 2 novels and 3 novellas published.

Let's build successful and sustainable author careers.

Let's bring art and business together. Here's why.

Because we can and because, believe it or not, we are well suited to bring our story creation skills to marketing our books.

(If you can learn to write a novel that's true to you, you can learn to market your books in a way that is true to you.)

And because we are bold and brave and face the unknown on the page on a daily basis.

Contact Beth today to see if she's the right author's coach for you.


Beth Barany, Award-winning Novelist, Book Coach, Author, & Keynote Speaker.

Beth is also the Editor and Publisher of the Author Entrepreneurship Magazine.